Today most aspiring architects, interior designers, modelers, and builders are confused about how to choose the right three-dimensional software to attain the required and expected results. Among these applications, the most common ones are AutoCAD and Revit. While they both have many features in common since they have various tools to create and model both interior and exterior parts of a building, there are many differences that indicate each of them to have their various functionalities and diversities that make the design process easier, faster, and convenient. Some of these differences are;

  • AutoCAD is considered best for 2D drawing i.e. where only precise line work is needed, such as architectural plans, elevations, detailed drawings, etc while Revit is considered best for modeling, generating cost schedules, collaboration, and change management.
  • AutoCAD as a drafting software, lets you draw precise lines within a virtual space. These lines are meant to represent real things (chairs, tables, and sofas) while Revit utilizes Building Information Modeling (BIM), taking precise models of real things (like chairs, tables, sofas) and placing them around a virtual space. You can view it in two dimensions, but the lines on the paper inherently contain loads of information about the thing they represent. You can make it 3D or 2D with a simple click of the mouse.
  • The use of AutoCAD is found among wide industrial areas like Architecture, Building related MEP and Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Aeronautics, Electrical Design, Mapping, Industrial design, etc while Revit software is mainly designed for structural engineers, architects, designers, MEP(Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing) Engineers.
  • AutoCAD drawings are not interconnected, plans, elevations, or sections are created separately on AutoCAD and also modified separately which affects the speed and timing of the user, while changes made in Revit can have an effect on other systems which automatically changes to accept the new information, therefore when working on a plan, the elevation and section create automatically with accuracy while any modification made on the plan will automatically affect the elevation and section of the drawing.

Choosing software for building modeling depends on individual choices as Mr. A might be flexible using Revit for his design and vice versa. Though it is advisable to have a better understanding of how to use at least two 3D applications to ensure more flexibility.  Autocad is very cool for two-dimensional geometric designs like a plan, elevation, section, and others whereas on the other hand Revit is one of the best three-dimensional software for designing house interior and exterior. Knowing both of them lets you easily switch from a 2D AutoCAD plan design to a 3D Revit model. So think of what software works for you most and go install it now. Click here to learn more…

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