Build Your 3D Character Animation Career

3D animation and character design for movies, games, storytelling, and general entertainment have experienced rapid growth and diverse job explosion opportunities.  The industry is just getting started as we move towards a more dynamic world economy of the metaverse and interactive 3D avatars. Securing a career in animation is crucial for everyone optimistic about the future and its possibilities. Earlybell offers quality and cutting-edge professional  3D animation training in Lagos, Nigeria, with industry-standard software. 


Despite the overwhelming demand for job opportunities in this field, 3D character animation could be challenging. 

Still, we have qualified professional instructors who will make learning easy and fun for all our students. 

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Become a Graphic Designer

Graphics design is the foundation upon which media revolves. Every brand would, at one time or another, require the services of a graphic designer. As multimedia industries grow more significant, the demand for quality and creative graphic design work is needed to support communications inform of infographics and other use cases like social media publications, films, animation, computer-aided designs. Earlybell offers profeesional graphic design training in Lagos with added job benefits. Students considering a career in multimedia will find these courses very educating and enlightening.

graphic design training in lagos

At the beginning of the course, the student will learn the fundamentals of graphic design and real-world digital communication use of graphics. Students will learn to work with text and images to create gift items, brochures, logos, advertisements, user interface design for websites, and other graphic design needs.

Film Making and Cinematography

Do you want to become a filmmaker and tell beautiful stories via the lenses of a camera? If your answer is yes with excitement, then you are in the right place. Learning beyond the scope of handling cameras and light placement is what we offer in the school. We use industry-standard equipment to teach our students practically. This course covers basic and advanced camera handling and imagery motion pictures.

cinematography school in Nigeria

Cinematography students in Earlybell learn the theoretical and skilled methods necessary to accomplish a real-world project. We ensure our student comprehends the visual language used in today’s television and web broadcasting sectors. Click enroll now button to get started.

Motion Graphics

When knowledge of graphic design becomes inadequate for interactive visual communication, there’s a need for a motion graphics design expert. Advertising companies, film houses, and businesses need a motion graphic designer for video content used in internet marketing and other advertisements. Brands are constantly developing ideas on how to market and sell their products and services, which has led to increased advertising.

motion graphics training in lagos

Creating assets from scratch with motion graphics software couldn’t be more convenient and fun with our professional instructors. Earlybell teaches students how to use the raw footage to create a communication visual motion design tailored to a particular client’s needs. 

Career Part for a Visual Effects Artist

A student combines his knowledge of graphic design, motion graphics, and 3d animation for a more robust application. Using raw footage and other forms of computer-generated imagery in compositing applications for desired realistic outputs primarily used in an action movie and advanced product advertising is what visual effects entail. Visual effects help save production costs and minimize risk using computer-generated imagery, which can be impossible to achieve or too expensive to consider.

Visual Effects Training in Lagos

Earlybell students will have the necessary technical ability to create realistic, believable visual effects in real-time. 

In this course, prospective students will create real smoke, fire, blood, and master match moving with motion compositing.

Master Video Editing and Color Grading

Do you want to build a professional career in video editing and color grading? Because it’s a great idea, there’s a growing high demand for freelance and regular job opportunities for video editors. Our instructors with years of experience and professional certifications are ready to help you skyrocket your career as a video editor. 

As a skilled video editor, you can work from the comfort of your home and earn as most freelancers do. 

Video Editing Training in Lagos

The industry is always dynamic and constantly demanding something new; this is why we follow the trend and make sure we don’t overlook the fundamentals. 

Our instructors will cover the required skills and editing techniques before the training ends.

Autocad, Archicad, Revit, Sketchup, Civil 3D, 3Ds Max

Be competent with computer-aided design (CAD) programs for 2D and 3D design and drafting. Architects and engineers find this course very useful for their careers. We take your thought on the basics of computer-aided design, then show you the real-world application according to your discipline. This program will teach you to create a blueprint for buildings, bridges, and engineering items.  

autocad training in lagos

There are various software and tools involved in computer-aided design for architecture and engineering, and our first objective is to guide you choose the suitable program for your discipline.  

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Website Design

A company website can be the company’s face as it is the first contact clients have when looking for information about a company or brand. Bearing this in mind, every brand has to invest in a good website to leave an excellent lasting impression on clients. As new brands increase daily, so will the need for good websites and skilled website designers.

web design training in lagos

At the end of this website design course, students will know the use of web languages such as HTML5, XHTML Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and WordPress. Students will learn text editors such as Adobe Dreamweaver, Sublime, Notepad++, and, most importantly, WordPress in building content management websites. Before the end of this training, students will build a good information website, e-commerce, and other functions on the internet.

Become a Digital Marketing Expert

It is no news that marketing has gone beyond the usual word of mouth method or broadcasting via television, billboards, or even newspapers, especially with the advent of social media platforms. We can now carry out business operations online, so we have several online businesses growing exponentially today. Various marketing methods have to be employed for businesses to thrive, including popular digital marketing. Digital marketing is simply advertising your business using digital means available today.

digital marketing training in lagos

In this digital marketing course, we teach you how to effectively integrate digital marketing methodology into your marketing strategy and maximize digital marketing performance for your business. As the world evolves, our mode of operation changes as well. Newspapers and television advert is gradually becoming obsolete as digital marketing gets adopted.

2D Character Animation

Anybody can be called an artist. Animators interpret life. Great animators communicate imaginative ideas using moving text, symbols, images, and characters to express their thoughts. Despite the ease and flexibility of 3D animation tools, 2d animation tools are another option for an artist to create what most industries are desirous of in advertising their products and services via websites, movies, and television commercials.

animation training in lagos

We use an industry-based standard approach for 2D Character Animation training in Lagos Nigeria with tools and software compatible with all computers.

You will create two-dimensional character animation for applications, websites, films, presentations, video games, and commercials at the end of the course.

UI/UX Design & Prototyping

User interface design with talented designers exploded in the recent decade, but the fact remains that the user experience has been for a long time since the 1950s. For a particular discipline to be available for that extended time means something is unique about it. User interface design and user experience training in Lagos, Nigeria, have made many careers take a new leap. Anyone who wants to develop himself further and earn more financially in the comfort of their homes should consider this course.

ui and ux design and prototyping training in lagos Nigeria

We use two different software for this course adobe XD and Figma, which is the standard for most user interface designers worldwide. Our past students in this course are doing exceptionally well with jobs and contract works. Enroll now and join the trend.

Programming and Web Development

This field has been at the forefront of ICT for a long time, making it grow daily like so many people/organizations will continue to use software/applications to solve their day-to-day problems. Programmers will continue to grow in high demand as long as computer users remain. So, this increased demand for software/applications gives rise to the high demand for Software programmers/developers in both the national and international markets.

web development training in lagos

We offer different programming languages at Earlybell, But with three categories. Front development, backend development, and full-stack web and mobile developer. A student can choose from the first two or go for a full-stack that combines both.

Custom Demand Programs (CDP)

Our custom demand programs consist of software-based courses, which prospective students often demand. Our custom demand programs are for you if you have knowledge in some ICT field or want to understand a particular area. Feel free to explore them and decide to start your new program.


We cover these areas in custom demand programs: programming, computer-aided design, mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineering, unique course combination, and lots more. Do click the enroll button to find out more.