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CINEMA 4D Keyboard Shortcuts



FunctionShortcut Key(s)
NewCtrl + N
AddShift + Ctrl+ 0
OpenCtrl +0
Close AllShift + Ctrl + W
Save AsShift + Ctrl + S
SaveCtrl +5
QuitCtrl + Q

Object Manager

FunctionShortcut Key(s)
Merge ObjectsShift + Ctrl+ 0
Show Search BarCtrl + F
Show FitterCtrl + U
Project InformationCtrl + I
Group ObjectsAlt + G
Expand Object GroupShift + G
New object as Parent object Alt + create object
New object as Child object Shift + create object
Select Obj. incl. Child Objects Click with RMB

Picture Viewer

FunctionShortcut Key(s)
Fullscreen ModeCtrl+F
Set as AA
Set as BCtrl + I
Swap ABAlt + G
Set as Preview StartShift + G
Set as Preview End 0
Auto Zoom Shift + create object
 Zoom In/Out +/-
Switch 100% and Fullscreen Double-click

Motion Tracking

FunctionShortcut Key(s)
Move SequenceALT + MMB
Scale SequenceALT + RMB
Sequence FullscreenALT + 0
Create User TrackCTRL + LMB
Lasso SelectionLMB

Animation Timeline

FunctionShortcut Key(s)
Key Mode/F-Curve ModeSpacebar
. with selected TracksCtrl + Spacebar
Record Active ObjectsF9
Record Current State 
Play Backwards/StopF6
 Play Forwards/StopF8
 AutokeyingCtrl + F9
 Goto Start of AnimationShift + F
 Goto Previous KeyCtrl + F
 Goto Previous Frame 
 Goto Next KeyCtrl + G
 Goto Next Frame 
 Goto EndShift + G
 Goto First KeyCtrl + P
 Goto Last Key Ctrl + 0 (zero)
 Frame Selected 
 Frame All 
 Goto Current Frame0 (zero)
 Goto StartAft + F
 Goto EndAft + G
 Frame Preview RangeAlt + H
 Goto Next MarkerShift + N
 Goto Previous MarkerShift + P
 Goto First MarkerCtrl + Shift + P
 Goto Last Marker Ctrl + Shift +0
 Region Tool 
 Ripple EditAlt + R
 Automatic ModeAft+A
 Show Search BarCtrl + F
 Show FilterCtrl + U
 Key Interpolation 
 Auto TangentsA, T 1
 Break TangentsB, T 2
 Zero Angle (tangents)0, T 3  (zero)
 Zero Length (tangents)L, T 4
 ClampC, TB
 LinearAlt + L, T6
 StepAlt + T, T 7
 SoftAlt +5, T8
 Ease InAlt +1,T1
 Ease EaseAlt + E, T 9
 Ease OutAft+0,TO


FunctionShortcut key(s)
Create PointMA
BridgeB, MB
BrushM C
Close Polygon HoleM D
Create PolygonM E
Edge CutM F
IronM G
Knife K, M K
Magnet M l
MirrorM H
Set Point ValueM L
 SlideM O
 Stitch and SewM P
 WeldM O
 Weight Subdivision SurfacesM R, . HK
 BevelM S
 ExtrudeD, MT
 Extrude InnerI, MW
 Matrix ExtrudeM X
 Smooth ShiftM Y
 Normal MoveM Z
 Normal ScaleM #
 Normal RotateM ,
 Reverse Normals U R
 Remove N-gons U E
 Subdivide US
 Melt U Z
 Collapse U C
 Triangulate N-gons UT
 Disconnect U D
 Align Normals U A
 Make Editable C
 Retriangluate N-gons U G
 Un-triangulate U U
 Move Object 4 HK
 Scale Object 5 HK
 Rotate Object 6 HK
 Move Object w/o Children 7 HK
 Move E
 Rotate R
 Scale T
 Toggle Active Tool Space
 Toggle Modeling Mode Return
 Undo (Action) Shift + Z
 X -Axis / Heading X
 Y -Axis / Pitch 
 Z -Axis / Bank 
 Select All Ctrl + A
 Select Connected U W
 Deselect All Shift + Ctrl + A
 Free Selection 8 HK
 Live Selection 9 HK
 Rectangle Selection 0 HK
 Invert U I
 Convert Selection U X
 Outline Selection U Q
 Fill Selection U F
 Grow Selection U Y
 Ring Selection U B
 Loop Selection UL
 Shrink Selection UK

BodyPaint 3D

FunctionShortcut key(s)
Rotate Brush ClockwiseAlt + . oder Alt +
Rotate Brush CounterclockwiseAlt + [ oder Alt +
Increase Brush Size, or [
Decrease Brush Size. or ]
Increase Brush HardnessShift +. or Shift +]
Decrease Brush HardnessShift +. or Shift +[
Increase Brush PressureCtrl +. or eta+ I
Decrease Brush PressureCtrl +. or Ctrl +[

Material Manager

FunctionShortcut key(s)
Load MaterialsShift + Cut +0
New MaterialCtrl + N
Replace Material by AnotherAlt + Drag & Drop

Attribute Manager

FunctionShortcut key(s)
New Attribute ManagerShift + F5
Increase/decrease parameter change speed with arrowsAlt or Shift
Parameter to defaultRMB +Arrow

Content Browser

FunctionShortcut key(s)
NewCtrl + N
Search BarCtrl + F, F3
Home Directory 
 Recent Items 
 Search Resits 


FunctionShortcut key(s)
Object ManagerShift + Fl
Materials ManagerShift + F2
TimelineShift + F3
Layer ManagerShift + F4
Attributes ManagerShift + F5
Picture ViewerShift + F6
Coordinates ManagerShift + F7
Content Browser Shift + F8
Structure Manager Shift + F9
Script Manager Shift + F11
Customize Commands Manager Shift + F12
Change Coordinates System 
Close Window Shift + W
Delete Backspace/Del
Heads Up Display V HK
Toggle Parent Generator 
Modify Interactive Anim.Time J + LMB
Help via setting/element Ctrl+F1


FunctionShortcut key(s)
Switch between last tool and selectionSpacebar
Manager FullscreenCtrl + Tab


FunctionShortcut key(s)
Move Camera1, Alt + MMB HK
Scale Camera2, Alt + RMB HK
Rotate Camera3, Alt + LMB HK
Frame Selected Elements5, Alt + S
Zoom Selected Object0, Alt +0
Zoom to Geometry1-1, Alt + H
Hide/Show axesAlt +0
View small/large MMB on view
Switch views Fl, F2, F3, F4, F5
ConfigureShift + V
Configure AllAlt +V
 Render ViewCtrl + R
 Undo ViewShift + Ctrl + Z
 Redo ViewShift + Ctrl + Y
 All ViewsF5
 Toggle Active ViewPg Up, MMB
 Gouraud ShadingNA
 Gouraud Shading (Lines)NB
 Quick ShadingNC
 Quick Shading (Lines)ND
 Constant ShadingNE
 Hidden LinesNF
 Display TagsNO
 Backface CullingNP
 X -RayNR
 Use Isoline EditingAlt +A

Structure Manager

FunctionShortcut key(s)
Import ASCII DataShift + Ctrl+ 0
Jump Last SelectionShift + N
Jump Next Selection 
Jump Page UpPgUp
Jump Page DownPgDown
Jump HomeHome
Jump EndEnd
 Vertex Map V
 Polygons 0


FunctionShortcut key(s)
Render Active ViewportCtrl + R
Render to Picture ViewerShift + R
Render to Picture Viewer (IR) Ctrl + Shift + R
Interactive Render RegionAlt + R
Make PreviewAlt + B
Render SettingsCtrl + B


FunctionShortcut key(s)
Smooth for all brushesShift
Reverse brush effectCut
Switch symmetry modeAlt + X, Y, Z
Switch to wireframe mode 
Move, scale, rotate templateT+LMB, PRIB, MMB

General (All Brushes)

FunctionShortcut key(s)
Brush sizeMMB + drag horiz
Brush pressureMMB + drag veil

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