Earlybell introduction

EarlyBell is the foremost professional filmmaking and animation school in Nigeria. Information brings knowledge, and knowledge propels progress. Over the years, we have trained thousands of students in film making, animation, and other multimedia courses. Our student’s tremendous success has always been our pride. Earlybell works with a professional certified, passionate individual with a track record of credibility and creativity in their respective field. Earlybell is among the best animation school in Nigeria with qualified and creative instructors. Join us today and set up your digital literacy.

Core values

Earlybell has come a long way over the years, yet our core values remain the same; integrity, creativity, and excellence. 

About our logo

After several years of impacting lives in the multimedia space, earlybell has grown in expertise, capacity and quality of service.
The rebranding efforts are aimed at reflecting their new status
in the marketplace.

The new earlybell logo looks elegant, bold and confident.

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