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Learning beyond the scope of handling cameras and light placement is what we offer in the school. We use industry-standard equipment to teach our students in a practical way. This course covers Basic and advances camera handling and imagery motion pictures.

At EARLYBELL Cinematography students learn the academic and professional techniques necessary to execute a real-world project. We make sure our student understands the language of visual as used in the television and web broadcasting sectors today.


The essence of creating a modern-day cinematographer is to be able to create multiple individuals just in one person, this training gives any participant the edge to be able to produce, direct and also be able to also understand the technical operations on a production set.

Creating a modern-day cinematographer who understands the theory of the technicalities and also his physical experience from script to screen, creating an individual who can be effective from pre-production processes to the post-production process.


The film director’s primary task is to interpret the screenplay and translate it visually. He is the creative mind that chooses the aesthetical and technical specifications to be implemented in his vision. To succeed in this mission, he is involved from the early stages of pre-production all the way to the final phase of the post.

Even though directors must oversee the several stages of production, during principal photography, everything could get exponentially hectic. Their personal lives – family, friends, and affairs – are shoved aside to pave way for the film production. Weekends and holidays too. Everything revolves around the production schedule. In the daytime, they shoot. At night, they rewrite the script. During breaks, they rehearse. Lights, costumes, décor, props, camera, actors are all supervised by the director, who’s often multitasking and micromanaging all of those. Directing movies requires an extensive command of the craft. It takes decades to master and centuries to forget.


Media production requires major considerations that’s why it’s always subdivided into three major phases.

The first phase is named the pre-production stage which includes

  • Physical planning
  • Scripting
  • Production formats
  • Clientele
  • Location scouting.

The second stage is the production itself, which includes mainly the technical crew mostly.

However, the principle of production surpasses the skill I also involve personal creativity, that’s why some directors are award-winning.

The third stage is post-production and marketing.

The soundpost refers to events that happen after the shoot. The end product and also how the end product is sold.

The former note brings us to what production management involves and which of the production crew is targeted.


This is targeted towards a lesser few but important crew members namely

  •           Editors
  •           Accountants
  •           Marketers

Definitely, production management PM 2.0 would take this group of individuals basically into;


Budgeting would go a long way in training the account on a production set how to properly identify and also value a production.

For instance, gadgets and equipment (cost and rental), Crew members value (monetary and skill set), Location, Props and sets

All this would help an accountant lace all items according to their priority and also identify which value to each department and ascertain its worth.


The production process or method is an ideal set skill for an editor also.

He/she is a major part of the production so he/she has to definitely understand the following production process.

The screenplay, Camera operations, Picture composition, Continuity, Log keeping sheet, Picture looks (D.O.P).

All this list of the production process would help an editor to finalize the mode of editing and also understand the picture quality control to an enhanced level.

As marketing is involved in any organization so it is marketing to production. Often at times producers skip out a marketer’s presence from production and invite them after the entire production.

Marketers are an essential part of the Pre-production stages that is they need to understand the entire production process. Often at times, such questions are asked by clienteles to the marketers.

For instance,

          What’s the synopsis of the production about?

          What’s the moral value of the production to society?

          What’s the end formats of the production (versions and final formats)?

          What production festivals do you think this production can sell?

Marketers with essential knowledge of these production stages and processes have a better edge setting out rightly any of their productions.

Production management PM 2.0 is a scheduled five days training that involves three days with editors and a day apiece with accountants and marketers.

An earlier introduction of the training with these three personnel’s to enlighten them more into proper and better production ways. 




At the end of this course, students are expected to have sound knowledge in camera handling, Lighting techniques, Audio Pickups, establishing a drone shot,  Music video production, Film production, Documentary, and interview setup, Chroma shot setup, and many more.



Course Duration: Four months

Number of days: Twice a week (Mondays and Wednesdays or Friday and Saturday)

 Time Session: 2hrs per session (Morning or Afternoon) 


Course Duration: Six Month

Number of days: Saturdays only

Time Session: 4hrs per session


150,000 NAIRA

Course requirements

  • A student is required to come with two passport photographs along with a 2000 naira for a registration form.
  • A student should also come with a stable Computer laptop with a minimum operating system of 64bit(Windows 7,8 or 10
  • Also, note that video editing with premiere pro and media encoder is included in this course.


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