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The field of 3D animation can be said to have experienced explosive growth over the past decades. The advent and availability of improved tools have not only made animators more efficient but has also made the field a more lucrative one. Considering the diverse uses of 3D animation, from being used as television commercials by firms to transmitting a great story in a movie not forgetting the very popular video games and also cartoons for children.

It can, therefore, be said that 3D animation is a field that is capable of reaching various kinds of people irrespective of age group, social or cultural diversity. What better time than this is suited to tap into the world of 3D Animation.

EARLYBELL not only caters to the theoretical aspect of 3D animation but also ensures that students are equipped with the required skill set necessary to excel in the field. Enrolling to study 3D animation at Earlybell avail students an opportunity to obtain practical experience with industry-standard software programs and tools.

3D Animation school in nigeria

3D Animation training in lagos


The course teaches you the very fundamental things you need to know in 3D animation. At the end of the courses, you will be able to create your own animation from scratch.

Key points to cover during the training

  • Polygon and Nurbs Modelling with Maya
  • General Understanding of Mesh functions
  • Use of Maya Materials and Shader for texturing
  • Advance texturing technique
  • Maya lighting best approach
  • Overview of rendering
  • Introduction to Maya camera
  • Keyframing and animation
  • Character rigging with paint weighting
  • Introduction to character animation
  • Principals of character animation
  • Character dialogue animation
  • Rendering for final output
  • Use of third party plugins

SOFTWARE: MAYA or MAX, Premiere Pro, Make Human, and other related third party software/plugins



Course Duration: Sixteen Weeks

Number of days: Twice a week (Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesday and Thursday)

 Time Session: 2hrs per session (Morning or Afternoon) 


Course Duration: Twenty Weeks

Number of days: Saturdays only

Time Session: 4hrs per session


90,000 NAIRA


This advanced course offers deeper insight into the field of 3D animation through advanced learning classes as well as additional software programs. Industry workflow such as MOTION TRACKING, MATCH MOVING, ADVANCE KEYING CHROMA COMPOSITION, and much more are covered in this course.

SOFTWARE: Autodesk MAYA or MAX, Premiere Pro, Make Human, After Effect or Nuke Studio, Motion Builder, Match Mover, and Z-brush, Substance Painter.



26 weeks

Twice a week

Mondays and Wednesdays

or Tuesdays and Thursday

2hrs per session(Morning or Afternoon)


32 weeks

Saturdays only

4hrs Morning Session


250,000 NAIRA

Course requirements

  • A student is required to come with one passport photograph along with a 2000 naira for a registration form.
  • Student should also come with a stable Computer laptop of minimum operating system of 64bit(windows 7,8 or 10)



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